Stanton University Student Council Guidelines

As an SUSC member, you will be expected to:

  • Have and maintain good academic standing.
  • Hold regular meetings and keep minutes.
  • Be points-of-contact between students and the administration office.
  • Be a mediator between administration office, faculty, and students.
  • Students are allowed to submit suggestions and grievances/complaints to student body representatives to properly present them to the office in order to avoid negative confrontation, etc.
  • Be in charge of the school newsletter and student board.
  • Plan and organize events for SU students.


Name: Thuong Vo

Position: President of Student Council

Program Enrolled: BBA

Goals: “As the President of SU Student Council, it would be my honor to serve my best in Student Service as well as Academic. By creating the dynamic environment along with strong tie between student body and staffs, I would love to pay forward my energy, passion, and dedication to any member of Stanton University. I cannot wait to contribute my pleasure on not only student voice but also SU mission.”

Contact Information: