Stanton University Student Council Guidelines

As an SUSC member, you will be expected to:

  • Have and maintain good academic standing.
  • Hold regular meetings and keep minutes.
  • Be points-of-contact between students and the administration office.
  • Be a mediator between administration office, faculty, and students.
  • Students are allowed to submit suggestions and grievances/complaints to student body representatives to properly present them to the office in order to avoid negative confrontation, etc.
  • Be in charge of the school newsletter and student board.
  • Plan and organize events for SU students.


Name: Thuong Vo

Position: President of Student Council

Program Enrolled: BBA

Goals: “As the President of SU Student Council, it would be my honor to serve my best in Student Service as well as Academic. By creating the dynamic environment along with strong tie between student body and staffs, I would love to pay forward my energy, passion, and dedication to any member of Stanton University. I cannot wait to contribute my pleasure on not only student voice but also SU mission.”

Contact Information:

Student Council Subdivision: Peer-Mentor Program 

Application to become a Peer Mentor

Apply for a Peer Mentor

Membership Eligibility

Peer Mentor’s must meet ALL of the following qualifications:

• Successfully submit a fully completed Peer Mentoring Program Application.
• Student must have completed at least two consecutive quarters.
• Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (MBA/BBA/PGM)
• Be in good academic standing.
• Hold regular meetings and keep notes.
• Have excellent communication skills and can speak English fluently.
• Remain available to your mentee(s) and respond to their questions/concerns within 24 hours (weekdays).

Institutional Grant 
Each Peer Mentor will be granted a $150.00 each quarter for maintaining academic excellence while actively serving the students they are accountable for.

Position Description and Responsibilities
Peer Mentor: Main point of contact between the Director of Student Affairs and students. Is also responsible for all activities presented by the Peer Mentor Program and required to keep minutes during regular meetings. Must remain available to mentee(s) and respond to their questions/concerns within 24 hours during weekdays. Mentors must also provide content notes with their mentee(s) to the Director of Student Affairs.

Student Services
• Encourage students to utilize the university website and social media platforms.
• Remind students of important dates (registration deadline, tuition payment, add/drop period, etc).
• Help students navigate through Populi and teach them how to register, check their grades, access the library catalog, view class information, etc.
• Update student(s) regarding events, school policies, and other relevant information.
• Brief explanation concerning different surveys that will be passed out and what they are designed to accomplish.
• Describe what OPT/CPT is and help them throughout the process of how to apply if the student(s) are interested.
• Assist the student(s) with creating a resume, cover letters, and networking endeavors.
• Assist Students with independent living skills as they adjust to a new country such as housing, transportation information, insurance, driver license, etc.
• Provide suggestions on local attractions, entertainment, and restaurants.
• Guide students on choosing classes and professors that best suit their needs.
• Support students on keeping track of their Graduation requirements and sticking to a Graduation Plan.
• Attend available workshops on/off campus with your mentees.

• Bring student(s) to the library for an overview of what it has to offer.
• Explain how to obtain a print card, how to use the Print Station, and Copyright Law.
• Sit down with student(s) and educate them on how to navigate the available databases. (JSTOR and LINR).
• Describe how to write scholarly research papers using peer-reviewed articles and APA formatting.