Stanton University will be a leading post-secondary education institution in California, providing professional education training and a focused, caring, and stimulating environment where all students will recognize and achieve their fullest potential while preparing to make their best contributions to society.


Stanton University’s mission is to provide students with an affordable and high-quality education in a culturally diverse environment to help them develop knowledge and skills that will enhance their potential for success in their current and future careers.


The quality of the educational experience at Stanton University is fostered by the close human and intellectual relationships between students and faculty, and by the open exchange of ideas. The University is committed to a student-centered approach to learning that promotes the development of the whole person. We challenge our students to pursue lives of leadership and service by providing them with curricula that are relevant, individualized and supportive in sustaining a life-long love of learning and a personally rewarding career.


  • Support the development and implementation of program assessment plans that define, measure and evaluate student learning goals and outcomes.
  • Provide relevant facilities and equipment.
  • Provide outstanding faculty members dedicated to teaching, to scholarship and creative endeavor, and to service to the University and its community.
  • Promote self-discipline and motivation so that students may enjoy success in their careers.
  • Encourage and support the lifelong learning and community involvement as a fundamental element of professional success.
  • Offer students affordable and quality undergraduate programs that provide a comprehensive general education, as well as specialized career preparation for an increasingly versatile global economy.
  • Provide students with prompt, courteous, and respectful service.