Updated 12pm, 3/25/2020

Attention SU Campus,

This page will contain important announcements and instructions. This will be updated accordingly.

Please bookmark this page for your reference.

Update: 5/27/2020

Please read the latest news under the Update tab.


Due to the COVID-19, the SU staff has transitioned to working remotely, which will change how we will communicate with you, by email or by phone.

Please refer to this link for updates and information:



It is encouraged that you email us and you can find our email address at this link:



If you decide to call us, please dial our office number at 714-539-6561 and refer to the list below:

  • For General Questions Press 1
  • For I-20, CPT, OPT, Admissions process, Press 2
  • For Financial and Registration Press 3
  • For Academics counseling, Press 4
  • For library and student affairs, Press 5
  • For general inquiries and requests, Press 6
  • For Academics, 1098T Form and Transcript Requests, Press 7
  • For Korean speakers, Press 8
  • For the Vice President, Press 9

Please dial the right extension.

Important Note: if you receive a call back from us during our office hours, the number will be displayed as private or unknown. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support at this time.

Stanton University Office

Update: 5/27/2020

Stanton University would like to announce that the campuses at Garden Grove and Los Angeles will reopen this Friday, May 29, 2020. Our phone system will reset to our original office phone lines. Please take the time to read this post.

Classes for the rest of Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 Quarters will still be held online.

Please follow the guidelines:

  • If you are sick or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to campus.
    • Please wait 14 days before visiting. During this time, contact us by phone or email.
  • Only one student is allowed in the main office at a time.
  • You must be wearing a mask when on-campus.
  • You must practice social distancing.
    • Be six feet apart.
    • Wash your hands frequently.
  • After you have conducted your business at the office or library, please leave the campus for the safety of yourself and fellow SU students & staff.

Here are the Opening Hours:

  • Garden Grove campus
    • Office: Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Library: Monday – Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Los Angeles campus

Please visit the Contact Us page to reach the appropriate department by email.

Update: 4/3/2020

Spring 2020 Quarter will begin on April 6, and your classes will be available on Canvas.

Also, the Graduation 2020 Ceremony may be postponed to next year.

Update: 3/20/2020

The SU staff has began working remotely. The phone lines have now been relinked so we can take your calls during our office hours. If you are not able to

Please refer to the Contact tab for more information.

Update: 3/18/2020

We are temporarily closing our offices; we will not be accepting appointments and walk-ins until further notice from the U.S. health officials and the city government. We will still be responding to phone calls and our emails. 

If you need to pick-up certain documents, you will first need to contact us for instructions.

Updated: 3/16/2020

This important announcement is about how Stanton University will respond to the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time, there is no reported instances of the COVID-19 among the students, faculty, and staff at Stanton University.

Given the uncertainty of how severe this outbreak will be and the fact that the seasonal influenza (flu) virus is also widespread, Stanton University will be taking steps to address the following concerns.

Transition to Online Learning
Based on the concerns for the well-being of our students and faculty, the following changes will be implemented:

  • All classes for the Spring Quarter 2020 are going to be conducted online via Canvas. This will not affect the students’ F-1 status as SEVIS has confirmed with our institution to implement and transition all classes to be online.
  • The University will conduct several training webinars for students and faculty to become skilled at using Canvas, the online learning management system.
  • All registration deadlines and class size will remain the same for all courses. If the class you register for is waitlisted, please select another class.
  • Students will be required to have access to a computer and Internet connection in order to participate in classes online. Those who lack access to these resources must contact Mr. Daniel Kim at dkim@stantonuniversity.com. Students may use the library computers during opening hours.

At this time, the shift to hosting all classes online is effective for the Spring Quarter 2020, and depending on the spread of the Coronavirus, many classes may resume to being taught on-campus or they may continue to be conducted online. Students and faculty will be updated as the Summer 2020 Quarter approaches.

Campuses Will Remain Open
Both Stanton University campuses will remain open for the time being. Any student, faculty member, and staff member are instructed to contact the main office at su@stantonuniversity.com and to not visit the campus for 14 days if any of the below applies:

  • You are experiencing symptoms that are related to the Coronavirus, including fever, coughing, and shortness of breath.
  • You have been in contact with someone with symptoms of the Coronavirus.
  • You have returned from traveling in countries that have announced the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Graduation Ceremony
The Graduation Ceremony is still scheduled for June 16, 2020. We hope that the Coronavirus will no longer be considered a threat by this May. The graduates will be informed with any updates regarding this event.

We at Stanton University are concerned about the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. Please remember to be safe during this time and be informed about the Coronavirus.

For more information:

You need to be proficient in using Canvas to take your online classes for the Spring 2020 Quarter.
If you need to learn how to use Canvas, you must RSVP for one of the time slots for the Online Student Ready Webinar, which will teach you on how to use Canvas and Zoom.
This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about some of the features on Canvas. The webinars will be scheduled from March 24 to April 2.
To access this meeting, you will need a computer with Internet access and audio speakers. Headphones with microphone is recommended.
You can also attend this webinar with your smartphone or tablet.
Please RSVP by going to the link below.