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CURRICULAR PRACTICAL TRAINING (CPT) is a part-time, paid or unpaid, internship opportunity for “eligible” F-1 International Students in which they are permitted by the USCIS to gain practical training in a field “directly related” to their degree.

CPT Eligibility Requirements:

• Have completed at least 3 full-time academic quarters of study at Stanton University. (For Transfer Students, who have completed at least 3 full-time academic quarters of non-­ESL study at another university, must complete 1 academic quarter at SU.
• be in good academic standing (no academic probation) from previous quarter.
• be in good financial standing (no unpaid tuition debt) from previous quarter(s).

When is the application deadline for CPT?
The CPT application deadline is 1 week before the 1st day of the quarter.

How long am I authorized to work for each CPT?
Each CPT is ONLY 3 months long and the employment starts and end dates are as follows:

Winter Quarter CPT: January 1 – March 31
Spring Quarter CPT: April 1 – June 30
Summer Quarter CPT: July 1 – September 30
Fall Quarter CPT: October 1 – December 31

How many CPT’s can I participate in?
You may participate in a maximum of 4 per degree level, but you must RE-APPLY each term.

Can my work experience be in any field?
No. Your CPT work experience must be “directly related” to your degree {Business, Golf or KCA). Your job description must explain in detail how your work is related to your degree.

Can I work full-time (more than 20 hours)?
No. Your CPT work experience must be 20 hours or less per week.

Can I continue at the same job for subsequent CPT’s?
Yes, but you need to re-apply every quarter, remain eligible, and receive approval.

Can I begin working before I receive approval?
No. You must receive approval and a new 1-20 for each specific CPT employment.

Can I take a part-time load of courses while doing CPT?
No. You must maintain full-time academic status while participating in CPT and you must enroll in a CPT Internship Course. You CANNOT participate in CPT while taking a Leave of Absence.

What is the CPT Intern Course?
It is a 1:1 appointment or on line course with your program director. The purpose of this course is to integrate your work experience and your course learning with a meaningful assignment.

MBA- the Courses are: BA750A, BA750B, BA750C, BA750
BBA- the courses are: BUS490A, BUS490B, BUS490C, BUS490
PGM- the Courses: PGM250A, PGM250B, PGM250C, PGM250

Will the CPT Intern Course count toward academic credit?
Yes. Each of your Intern Courses will count for 1 academic unit and will cost $120 for PGM, KCA & BBA majors and $180 for MBA majors. The final Internship Course (in bold above) will count for 4 academic credits and will cost $480 for PGM, KCA, and BBA majors and $720 for MBA majors.

How do I get my Social Security card?
After you have been approved for CPT, take your new 1-20 along with your Job Offer Letter, passport, visa, and 1-94, and go to the Social Security Administration Office to apply  (

You can download CPT Application here.