“We live embedded in the body of the world. Attention is required. Every life is the interweaving of strands of connection to time, place, ecosystem, culture, ethnicity, gender, family, and history. We exist interdependently with all that is. Receptivity to life expands our souls. Closure debilitates our soul.

Intimately connected to all life, we are not bound by the web of life. We carry within ourselves the capacity to engage creatively, responsibly and actively in the world. Sometimes this capacity to act is deeply wounded. Passivity holds sway. Dependence dominates. Restoration of passionate desire for creative engagement is needed. The exercise of the power to act is fundamental to life, education, and self-actualization..

At Stanton University we seek to integrate education and learning through innovative teaching, creative scholarship and the practical experience of life ─ as we respond to our changing societies and cultures and are shaped by the vocations to which we have been called. Within this context, our educational philosophy is that ─ Higher Education is by Definition the Development of Human Potential.

The human community that names gifts, celebrates blessings, call for discernment, works for healing, teaches, nurtures, eases suffering and challenges injustice ─ This is a community of people committed to student success and life-changing opportunities.”


Dr. David K. Kim.