Tentative Certificate Program Schedule Starting October 2017.


The program’s objective is to develop graduates who are “Industry Ready”; confident, competent and with a sense of urgency. Graduates are prepared to enter the foodservice industry in a variety of entry level positions. The program’s educational approach to this objective includes the following:

*Provide students with the proper balance of theory and practical application of the culinary arts.
*Orient the student to the professional Korean culinary environment and teach the student to operate within that environment in a safe, efficient, & skillful manner
*Hone the student understands and practice of fundamental Korean culinary technique Develop in the student an understanding of flavor and taste and an appreciation for quality ingredients
*Facilitate the student’s transition in to the working world by providing both career counseling and an opportunity for networking

Admission requirements

1) Completed application and submitted application fee;
2) Recent photograph/driver license/passport;
3) Be at least 18 years of age;
4) Official high school transcript, a certified copy of a high school diploma or a certified copy of a GED certificate (If the student does not submit any of the information listed above, the student will be tested and has to pass a test to demonstrate that the student may benefit from the education and training being offered.)
5) Be physically capable of performing and receiving massage techniques taught in the program.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for the Certificate in Culinary Art Program, students must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Complete the coursework requirements for the program.
2. Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all required courses for the CA.
3. Meet the residency requirement: complete a minimum of 48 units of required courses at Stanton University.
4. File a petition for the Certificate in CA in the university’s Office of Admissions and Records.
5. Pay any outstanding debts owed to the University.

Please call 714-539-6561 or email jooellen@stantonuniversity.com for more information about the program. The program will start from October, 2017.

Tentative Certificate Program Schedule