CURRICULAR PRACTICAL TRAINING (CPT) is a part-time, paid, employment opportunity for “eligible” F-1 International Students in which they are permitted by the USCIS to gain practical internship training in a field “directly related” to their degree.


In order to meet eligibility requirements for CPT, you must…
 have maintained full-time status for at least 3 academic quarters of study (MBA & PGM).
 have maintained full-time status at least 6 academic quarters of study (BBA).
 be in good academic (no probation) and financial standing (no unpaid fees).
 NOT have participated in more than 3 CPT Internships for the same degree program.
 be registered for the CPT Intern Course during your CPT (see below for course #).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each CPT?
Each CPT is 3 months long and will start and end according to the quarter start and end dates.
Ex) Spring Quarter CPT dates will be: April 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018.

How many CPT’s can I participate in?
You may participate in a maximum of 4 CPT’s per degree level.

Can I take a part-time load of courses while doing CPT?
No. You must maintain full-time academic status while participating in CPT.

Will the CPT Intern Course count toward academic credit?
Yes. For your first CPT, it will count as 4 academic credits. However, for all subsequent CPT’s, the Intern Course will be a Zero Unit course.

What is the CPT Intern Course?
It is 1:1 appointment based course with your program director.

For MBA – the Course #’s are: BA750, BA750A, BA750B, BA750C
For BBA – the Course #’s are: BUS490, BUS490A, BUS490B, BUS490C
For PGM – the Course #’s are: PGM250, PGM250A, PGM250B, PGM250C

Can my work experience be in any field?
No. Your CPT work experience must be “directly related” to your degree.

Can I work full-time (more than 20 hours)?
No. Your CPT work experience must be 20 hours or less per week.

Can I continue at the same job for subsequent CPT’s?
Yes, but you need to re-apply every quarter, remain eligible, and receive approval.

Can I begin working before I receive approval?
No. You must receive approval and a new I-20 with for your specific CPT employment.

Can I change employment in the middle of my CPT?
Yes. But you must submit a new Request Form & a new Employment Letter and receive approval and a new I-20 before you can begin working. ($10 I-20 Re-print Fee)

How do I get my Social Security card?
After you have been approved for CPT, take your new I-20 along with your passport, visa, admission stamp, and I-94 and go to the Social Security Administration Office.

When is the application deadline for CPT?
The application deadline will always be the same day as the deadline to register for classes.

Ex) Spring 2018 deadline is March 16th.

How much are the fees to apply for CPT?
CPT applications require a $100 fee every quarter + a one-time Intern Course fee of $150.

CPT Application Steps
  1. Submit an Official Employment Offer Letter on company letterhead that is signed by your prospective employer. Use our sample as a guide.
  2. Submit the CPT Request Form.
  3. Pay the processing fee of $100 and the CPT Intern Course fee of $150 (only applicable for the 1st CPT).
  4. When your CPT employment is approved, the DSO will issue a new I-20 with CPT approval on page 2.
  5. When your CPT is approved, you will be enrolled into the CPT Intern course.
Forms and Information

CPT FAQ’s, Agreement & Request Form

CPT Extension Request Form

CPT Request Form, Guidelines & Checklist

CPT Verification Form

i-765 Instructions