Each student applicant will be placed in one of the following enrollment categories:


Regular Standing:

Students who meet all of the admission requirements to the University and for a particular program, i.e., have no deficiencies and there are no reservations, are admitted to Stanton University and are granted the status of Regular Standing in their selected program. Only students who have Regular Standing may officially become a candidate for the associate, bachelor, master’s or doctoral degree.

Provisional Standing:

If a student meets the entrance requirements of the University and the requirement for admission to a particular program, but has only unofficial transcripts on file because official transcripts are not immediately available, he/she may be admitted to the program as a Provisional Standing student to provide time for receipt of official transcripts. If the Office of Admissions and Records does not receive the documentation within one (1) quarter, the student will be prohibited from undertaking further coursework until official documents are received. When the Office of Admissions and Records receives the official records, the student will be eligible to be reclassified as a Regular Standing student. Coursework completed satisfactorily while on Provisional Standing counts towards graduation, if it meets a program’s requirements.

Special Standing (Non-Matriculated):

Students who satisfy the entry requirements for a particular program and the course prerequisites for a particular course, who do not plan to earn a degree but want to officially take selected courses, may be granted Special Standing status in the program. Such students must successfully petition the course’s instructor and have his/her approval prior to registration in a course. All such petitions will be considered on a space available basis.


Students who wish to attend classes for personal enrichment and not for academic credit may be granted Auditors’ status. Auditors are not obligated to actively participate in coursework or course activities. However, an Auditor must qualify as a Regular Standing student to audit courses in a degree program, as well as meet any course prerequisite or corequisite requirements. Students who wish to audit a course must first gain the instructor’s approval. An abbreviated admission process is available for auditors, who are admitted to courses on a space available basis. There is a fee for auditing lecture and/or laboratory/clinic courses.