The Medical Massage Therapy program is designed to provide the didactic and clinical training necessary to prepare students for entry-level positions as Massage Therapists. The program is divided into lectures and academic courses. Students will be provided with the basic outline of the human body’s structure and functions, hands on practice skills in Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu, seated and specialized massage techniques, and clinical experiences. This class allows students to practice their skills and the techniques necessary to be an effective and professional practitioner. Emphasis will be placed on the review of each student’s private client work and with the refinement of the skills attained.


  1. Completed application and submitted application fee;
  2. Recent photograph/driver license/passport;
  3. Be at least 18 years of age;
  4. Official high school transcript, a certified copy of a high school diploma or a certified copy of a GED certificate (If the student does not submit any of the information listed above, the student will be tested and has to pass a test to demonstrate that the student may benefit from the education and training being offered.)
  5. Be physically capable of performing and receiving massage techniques taught in the program.



Basic Assessment

Swedish Massage I 144 hrs
Anatomy/Physiology   72 hrs
Ethics   24 hrs
Reflexology   24 hrs
Medical Terminology   24 hrs
Hygiene   12 hrs
Subtotal 1 300 hrs

Massage Application Instructions

Swedish Massage II   72 hrs
Acupressure   72 hrs
Kinesiology   72 hrs
Healthcare Entrepreneur   24 hrs
Pathophysiology   60 hrs
Subtotal 2 300 hrs


A candidate of Certificate of Achievement in Medical Massage Therapy shall have:

  1. Completed all the required coursework (Required Classes: Basic Assessment – 300 hours; Required Classes: Massage Application Instructions – 300 hours) in the CA program curriculum
  2. Settled all outstanding financial obligations with Stanton University’s business office.
  3. Filed an application for graduation in the Office of Admissions and Records.



If a graduate wishes to get a certification for the massage therapy profession from the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), he/she has to submit a mandatory background check to CAMTC. Please refer to the CAMTC Website ( The California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) was created by the California Legislature through the enactment of California Business and Professions Code Section 4600 et seq. CAMTC is required to:

  1. Create and implement voluntary certification for the massage therapy profession that will enable consumers to easily identify credible Certified Massage Therapists (CMTs) and Certified Massage Practitioners (CMPs);
  2. Ensure that CMTs and CMPs have completed sufficient training at approved schools; and
  3. Increase education and training standards consistent with other states.