Populi, Canvas, and JSTOR

You can now download the mobile app onto your smartphone
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Depending on your instructors, most students will submit assignments through this LMS system.

JSTOR is Stanton University's official online library catalog. Students can access JSTOR on campus using the campus Wifi. Students off-campus access JSTOR through their Populi student account.

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Weekly Announcements


Spring 2019 Registration period is
02/18/19 ~ 03/01/19 and the Add & Drop for Current Enrolled Students ONLY period will be from 04/01/2019 ~ 04/12/2019.

Spring 2019 Qtr starts April 1st, 2019. Please make sure to attend all your classes that you have registered for.

New student orientation will begin on March 29, 2019 at 10am for Garden Grove Campus and April 1st, 2019 for LA campus students.

Spring 2019 Qtr registration has already begun. Please check your emails daily for important deadlines to avoid any late fees.

Starting Summer 2019, Stanton University will be offering AAS in Korean Culinary Arts. Sign up now!

Please check your emails and update any email changes to the front office.

Stanton University Library is now open! All students are welcome to use the student service to study. Please see and contact our librarian Mr. Daniel Kim if you any questions.

If you have not paid tuition or have any outstanding balance, this is the time to clear it up at the main campus.